Faculty of Education was established in 2008, by order of Nechirvan Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, who ordered the opening of the College of Basic Education in Soran under the governance of Salahaddin University; after the establishment of Soran University in 2009 the college became the Faculty of Education.

The faculty has two schools:

The School of Basic Education consisting of the General Science Department, the Kurdish Language Department and Mathamatics Department. The School of Physical Education which, at the moment consists of the Sports Department

The faculty is planning on opening new departments in both schools with lecturers working on plans to fulfil this ambition in the near future.
The Faculty of Education is widely recognised as being the lead in the region, with knowledgeable graduates ready to teach in schools and serve the community.

There are three programmes of study in the faculty and, on completion, students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Enrolment to these programmes is through application through the central enrolment system of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, after completing year twelve at school, or through a direct application to Soran University; there are a few places reserved for those who wish to take a degree and did not have the opportunity to go to university after completing their year twelve at school; in this case the applicant will have to self-fund the studies.

Graduates from the faculty will become teachers in schools therefore they will be taught teaching methods and also receive practical training on placement in schools, with support from faculty and school staff. This will give them practical experience and the opportunities to put into practice what they have been taught in theory.

The faculty also offers short courses for local teachers to enable them to update their knowledge and skills and thus improve the quality of teaching throughout the region.

We are endeavouring to build and strengthen relationships with internationally renowned universities, with departments ‘twinning’ with appropriate departments to the mutual benefit of both.

The lectures in the Faculty of Education are well qualified with appropriate degrees and a professional attitude; there is an ethos of equality with all staff being treated equally and with respect. We endeavour to make the world a better place for all through education and training.


The Faculty of Education has adopted the Soran University Mission, statement ‘Towards the Future’ as its own; serving the community and society with training teachers in the most effective way by providing them with knowledge and skills to ensure that our graduate teachers will have the expertise to serve our country; we prepare them to become leaders in the field of education, to carry out and disseminate research within the scientific field of education and to be able to positively influence the next generations of our society. We encourage our trainee teachers to participate and assimilate educational projects both inside and outside of the region to further enhance their knowledge and understanding of their subject and teaching methods.


The Faculty of Education is providing services and links with leading universities internationally recognized as being leaders in the field of education, working together with society to ensure that our graduate students are well prepared for teaching the next generations of children in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

 Our Values

We at the Faculty of Education value the following:

  •     Role models for students who become the teachers of the future
  •     Scientific research in the field of teaching and learning methodology
  •     Flexibility and adaptability of the classroom lessons to meet the needs of the students
  •    Working with our colleagues in the field of education and teaching both within the KRG and outside the country to share knowledge and to disseminate information