Talha Khanafdl Omar

Contact Info

Faculty: Education

Department: physical education

Address: Soran - Erbil

Email: talha.omar1@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: 009647504485887



Academic title:

Responsibility:  lecturer in physical education

General Expertise: physical education and sports

Specific Expertise: exercises physiology

Research Interests:

- Exercises physiology

- Exercises science

- sport medicine



- B.Sc. physical education

-M.sc. physical education and sports




In 2007 I started my academic life in the high school as like physical education teacher till 2009, after that I got transfer for my job to management sector at shaqlawa technical institute as like head of athletic unit in the institute till 2013, after that I got transfer for my work to school of physical education / faculty of education / Soran University, my actual academic life started here till now.


Publications: (Books, researches)


- I have some academic work all of them ready for publications but because of new regulation I don’t get Academic title till now.

Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)


-          Participated in the Conference on “research in physical education and sports science” organized by department of physical education, Pune university, 16th March, 2012.


-          Participated in the 1st interdisciplinary national Conference on (Mud therapy & mud Sports) it is a Unique conference to promote mud therapy and mud sports, organized by APT Research foundation pune / India, in association with department of physical education, Pune university, 31th March, 2012.