Dr. Fatma Husai Awead

Contact Info

Faculty: Education college- Soran University

Department: sport

Address: Erbil- Soran

Email: fatima.owed@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: (07503841284)


Academic title: Dr.

Responsibility: staff

General Expertise: sport education

Specific Expertise: psychology sport science

Research Interests:

- Research published in sports science Journal / university of Diyala Fourth issue 2014…( basic skills relationship in volleyball in accordance psychosocial.

-Research published in Sports science Journal/university of Diyala Fourth Issue 23/2015 (Mood patterns and their Relationship to the performance of certain types of shooting for the students volleyball.

- acceptance for publishing in Dohuk Journal (Altruistic behavior in physical education students in Soran University and its relationship to their gender, age and academic background).

- Acceptance for publishing in Sports science / Dyala University (Layout value system at university students, practitioners and non-practitioners of Sports).


- Doctorate in Educational sport






Graduated from college of sport in Mosul University in 1984, Master degree in the same university in 2005, Doctorate in Mosul University 2012.


Publications: (Books, researches)





Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)