Dr. Falah Jaaz Shalsh

Contact Info: Professor

Faculty: Education - University of Soran

Department: Physical Education

Address: benghasorok,Erbil , Iraq

Email: falih.shlsh@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number:( 00964 – 750 6863765 (Korek Telekom).

Academic title: Phd - professor

Responsibility: A teacher at the  School of Physical Education – Faculty of Education -University Soran

General Expertise: Handball

Specific Expertise: Measuring and evaluation

Research Interests:

- Measuring and evaluation


- Motor learning – Physiology - Sport psychology



- Bsc. (University ofBaghdad, Iraq, (1977/ 1978)

-Msc. (University ofBasrah,  Iraq, (1993)

-PhD. (University ofBasrah, Iraq, (1998)



Started working  in 7\10 1978 in the Directorate General of Misasn Education until , moved to ministry of higher education and became the head of Department in  Physical Education department and Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs in the Teachers College. moved to the Ministry of Education  General  Directorate of physical education and sports  in 1998 as Assistant General Director for General Sports Education Then returned back to the Ministry of Higher education, University of Basra, Faculty of Education  in Missan  from 1999 to 2003 and traveled to Yemen from 2004 to 2011 and worked as a head of the Department in Physical Education and Sports at University Hazramut in Yemen and back to Iraq- Kurdistan region to work in  soran University on 1/11/2011 as a lecturer , since 13/11/2014 has been a head of Physical Education Department in faculty of education in Soran University till now.

Publications: (Books, researches)

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measuring effect of emotional arousal of students of physical education in the performance of practical exam]s for some individual and team games.

Scientific Journal / Hadramout University of Science and Technology /




Methods of Teaching Physical Education

statistics in physical education

 measuring and evaluation in physical education

research methodology




Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

16 th Scientific Conference of the Colleges and Departments of Physical Education in Iraq, University of Babylon, 4-5 / 11/2007

Scientific Conference on Research in Sports Education in Iraq / May 2012 Mosul

Third Specialized Scientific Conference in Biomechanics and kinetic analysis 5-6 / 12/2012

Specialized scientific symposium for faculties and sections of physical education at Al - Hamdania University 3/2016