Shahab Mohhammad Saleh

Contact Info

Faculty:        education

Department:  mathematic

Address:  soran sity


Phone Number: (optional)    0750 447 2331


Academic title:


General Expertise:       materials engineering

Specific Expertise:         Identification and selection of metal materials 

Research Interests:

-  Heat treatment

-  Hardening




-   BSc.  In casting of metals / Esfahan University of technology / materials engineering department (1991-1995)     

- MSc. in materials, at the faculty of    Engineering / Tehran University / materials engineering department (1995-1997)


-         I worked in Rewanshir Company in Iiran for one year as Engineering product and shift.


-   I taught as assistant lecture in the technical institute in Erbil for two years (1999-2000)

  -  I was the dean of Soran Technical Institute from 2001 to 2010

  -  I have taught the following course:  1, calculus 2, differential equation, Material properties, heat treatment


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Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)