Hewa Ghafor Hassan (Hewa Kurdistani)

Full Name: Hewa Ghafor Hassan (Hewa Kurdistani) 

Contact Info

Faculty: Education

Department: Mathematics

Address: 904/2/962, Ally 45, Kaveh Rd., Soran-Arbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Email: hewa.kurdistani@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: 00964 750 448 5288


Academic title: Lecturer

Responsibility: Dean

General Expertise: Statistics

Specific Expertise: Scientific Computation and Analysis

Research Interests:

- Exponential Random Graph Models

- Modelling Network Data

- Genetic Network Modelling

-Data Mining

- Medical Statistics

- Talent Management

-Supply chain



- (2014) The University of Nottingham, The UK

PhD, Scientific Computation and Analysis

I attained a PhD in Scientific Computation and Analysis for a research that continued and upgraded my master dissertation. This is the fastest ever PhD at School of Mathematical Science. The title of thesis is “Genetic Network Modelling and Inference”.

- (2012) The University of Nottingham, The UK

MSc., Statistics

I attained an overall average of 84% for courses and thesis and was granted PhD scholarship to continue my research by Nottingham University.

- (2008) University of Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region – Iraq

BSc., Statistics

Four years studying by taking an intensive volume of modules. By Graduation, I obtained a distinction grade with an overall average of 75.12% over four years of study in Statistics.




Hewa Kurdistani received his PhD in Scientific Computation and Analyses and MSc. In Statistics from the University of Nottingham and currently he is dean of faculty of education at Soran University and also PhD student in astrostatistics. In addition, he serves as supervisor of Centre for Language and Academic Development (CLAD) and also director of academic relations and postgraduate studies at the same university, where he coordinates the reviews and development of the university’s formal bilateral and multilateral relationships with other national and international universities.


His previous professional experience includes director of Human Resources from 2009-2010 and director of Administration and Personnel directorate from 2010-2011 at Soran University. His forthcoming publications include: “Modelling Network Data Using P-star Models”.

Publications: (Books, researches)


o Adaption Talent Management to Enhance Organization's Business Strategy, Erbil International Airport as a Case.

o International Supply Chain: An Application Study in Oil and Gas Industry.

o The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behavior during Product Purchase Decision Making Process.

o Genetic Network Modelling and Inference.

o Modelling Network Data Using Exponential Random Graph Models.

o Study of the Dependence of Asthma Hospital Admissions on Environmental Factors.

o The Chi Square: Brief Survey and Discussion of the Advantages and Disadvantages on Nominal Data.

o Analyzing Normal Distribution for Statistical Data.

o Study of Monthly Income and Expense in the Family in Soran City.



Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)


- “1st Quality Assurance Conference of English Language provision for Higher Education ”, 19-20 February 2013, University of Kurdistan-Hawler, Conference and Training Workshop, Erbil-Kurdistan.

- “Kurdistan Between Past and Future” 15-17 April 2013, Soran University (Kurdistan) & Lund University (Sweden). Conference, Soran- Kurdistan.

- “Course on modern teaching and Scientific Research Techniques” 1-14 June 2013, Lulea University of Technology. Training Course, Sweden.

- “Student and Faculty Evaluation and Assessment” 25-27 June 2013, The Institute of International Education (IIE) and IIE’s Scholar Rescue fund. Conference and Training Workshop, Erbil- Kurdistan.

- “Group Working and Teaching Methods” 20 July 2013 to 10 August 2013, Soran University. Training workshop, Kurdistan Region.

- “Staff Development Training For Medium Level Leaders of Universities in Kurdistan-Iraq” 13-29 August 2013, University of Kassel and   DAAD. Training Course, Germany.

- “Internationalizing  Higher  Education: transforming lives together” 3-5 November 2013, British Council (Kurdistan). Conference and Training Workshop, Erbil-Kurdistan.

- “Leadership and Management Training Programme” 8-12 December 2013, British Council, Training Workshop, Erbil-Kurdistan.

- “Building Academic Research Capacity” 3-5 February 2014, The Institute of International Education (IIE) and IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund. Conference and Training Workshop, Erbil-Kurdistan.

- “Kurdistan Oil and Gas: Curse or Blessing” 21-22 April 2014, Soran University. Symposium, Kurdistan Region.