Sirwan Abdullah Ahmed

Contact Info

Faculty: faculty of education

Department: Kurdish language




Phone Number: (0750 4039189)


Academic title:


General Expertise: Kurdish language

Specific Expertise: sociolinguistic

Research Interests:

- Language and grammar

- Sociolinguistic



Education: master





   Sirwan Abdullah Ahmed was born in 1986 in Razhukaryan village where located in Rawanduz district. He started studying at school in 1994 at Razhukaryan Primary School.

   In (2006/2007), he was accepted to study at Faculty of Education-Department of Kurdish Language in Soran. In (2009/2010), he successfully graduated and he got the second class degree.

He became employee in (2011) at Soran University-Faculty of Arts and he worked as an assistant researcher for three years at the library of Faculty of Arts.

   He started studying master’s degree in (2013) at Soran University-Faculty of Arts-Department of Kurdish Language.

   In 2015, he successfully finished his master and got master’s degree in Kurdish Language field. His dissertation’s title is “Code-Switching in Soran city”.

 He is now working at Faculty of Education-the School of Basic Education-Department of Kurdish Language.

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