Dr. Miran Muhammad Salih

Contact Info

Faculty: Faculty of Education

Department: Kurdish language

Address: Soran University

Email: meran.salih@kue.soran.edu.krd

Phone Number: 07504494767


Academic title: lecturer


General Expertise: Sociology

Specific Expertise: Sociology

Research Interests:

- Sociology




-Master Degree





 - In 1991-1992 have got a bachelor degree certificate in sociology department in college of arts at Salahaddin University.

-In 17-3-1996 appointed in sociology department at college of arts at Salahaddin University.

-In 20-10-2000 transmitted to ministry of reconstruction and development.

-In 6-4-2009 have got a master degree in sociology department at college of arts at Salahaddin University.

-In 5-7-2009 transmitted to ministry of higher education at Koya University.

-In 27-1-2012 offered administrative order of scientific title ‘lecturer ‘at Koya University to Soran University.

-In 9-5-2016 handled to get a scientific title ‘professor assistant’ at faculty of Education, school of basic education at Soran University. 

Publications: (Books, researches)

- The political position of Kurdish intellectual, 30-4-2012, Koya journal.

- Political legacy and its impact on the Kurdish society future, 24-9-2013, Koya University journal.

-Basic factors of Kurds, 14-9-2014, Kurdish academic journal.

-University academic staff consideration in the process of quality assurance, 1-7-2016, Nilin University journal/ Khartoum/ Sudan.

-  Social responsibility among adolescents in Kurdistan, 13-7-2016, Garmyan University journal.

- Supporting social civil society to boost a good authority in Kurdistan region, 18-9-2016, Zaxo University journal.

-Ethics of university academic staff concerning governmental university teachers in Kurdistan region, 29-11-2016, Salahaddin University Journal.

- The relationship between citizen and political power in Kurdish society.

-A field to approach of social services.

- Assessment and feedback in the process of teaching and education.