Hazha Chicho M.Ameen

 Contact Info

Faculty: Education / School of Basic Education

Department: Kurdish language

Address: Soran

Email: hazha.mohamadameen@gsci.soran.edu.iq

Academic title: Scientific Teaching 6

Phone Number: 07827947810

Responsibility: Head of the department

General Expertise: Linguistics

Specific Expertise: applied linguistic/ construction of legal language in Kurdish.

Research Interests:





-Master Degree




- In 2008-2009, Graduated in Soran college of Education at Salahaddin University.

- In 2010, worked as a contract nearly 6 month in directorate of (Continuing education) in Soran presidency.

-In 13/10/2010 appointed permanently in presidency of Soran University.

-For one year, administrated subjectivity and management at Joman Technical Institute.

- For one year, worked in Directorate of subjectivity in presidency of Soran University.

- In (2011-2012), nearly 6 months, participated in an international clad centre at Soran University that is participated in a session of learning English language which was 2 levels.

-In (2011-2012) participated in a session of computer completion.

-In 13/7/2015 have got a master degree certificate in linguistics at Soran University.

-In a period of studying (2010-2011), (2011-2012), (2015-2016), taught Kurdish subject at Joman technical institute.

-In 15/11/2015, revised an academic book entitled (Bunch in the language and lexion of Balakaty).

-In 15/11/2015, works as the head of Kurdish department at faculty of Education.

-In 1/3/2015, works as the head of the Kurdish department at faculty of education, (Evening Education).

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Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)