Bahri Lateef Yahya

Contact Info

Faculty: faculty of education

Department: Kurdish language




Phone Number: (0750 4670509)


Academic title: No title


General Expertise: Kurdish language

Specific Expertise: language police

Research Interests:

- Language and grammar

- Sociolinguistic

_ language purism

Education: master





   Bahri lateef yahya was born in 1976 in badelian village where located in soran district. He started studying at school in 1982 at badelian Primary School.

   In (2007/2008), he was accepted to study at Faculty of Education-Department of Kurdish Language in Soran. In (20010/2011), he successfully graduated and he got the first class degree.

He became employee in (1998) at shexan basic school.

   He started studying master’s degree in (2013) at Soran University-Faculty of Arts-Department of Kurdish Language.

   In 2015, he successfully finished his master and got master’s degree in Kurdish Language field. His dissertation’s title is “language purism in kurdistan”.

 He is now working at Faculty of Education-the School of Basic Education-Department of Kurdish Language.

Publications: (Books, researches)


Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium...)

- Symposium : " International Mother Language Day Symposium at Faculty of education" in 2017- 2-22.