Mohammad Saadatian

Contact Info

Faculty: Education

Department: General Sciences

Address: Soran, Erbil, Kurdistan region, Iraq


Phone Number: (optional)


Academic title: Lecturer


General Expertise: Plant biology and physiology, Crop Science

Specific Expertise: Medicinal Plant Biology and physiology

Research Interests:

-Crop science

-Medicinal plants

-Plant biochemistry



- Master






2004 - 2008                             University of Urmia, Bachelor  

                                                Major: Horticulture Science 


2009 - 2011                             University of Guilan, Master

Major: Medicinal plant physiology and biology

Publications: (Books, researches)

1.      Mohammad Aghaea Morteza Alizadeh Mohammad Saadatian Sajad Riahia Khadijeh Jangjoua. Effects of growing stages and drying methods on quality of shahsparam (Tanacetum balsamita L.), International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences. IJACS/2013/5-2/168-172.

2.      M. Saadatian, M. Aghaei, M. Farahpour, Z. Balouchi, Chemical composition of lavender (Lavandula officinallis L.) extraction extracted by two solvent concentrations, Global Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, 1(2): 214-217, 2013.

3.      Mohammad saadatian, Shayan ahmadiyan, Mohammad akbari, Zahra balouchi, Effects Of Pretreatment With Nitric Oxide On Kiwifrut Storage At Low Temperature, Advances in Environmental Biology, 6(7): 1902-1908, 2012.


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5.      Zahra BALOUCHI*, Gholam-Ali PEYVAST, Mahmood GHASEMNEZHAD, Mohammad SAADATIAN, CHANGES OF ANTIOXIDANT COMPOUNDS OF BROCCOLI (Brassica oleracea L.var. Italica) DURING STORAGE AT LOW AND HIGH TEMPERATURES. South Western Journal of Horticulture, Biology and Environment pp.193-212, Vol.2, No.2, 2011.

6.      Mohammad Ali Shiri1, Mahmood Ghasemnezhad, Davood Bakhshi2, and Mohammad Saadatian1, EFFECTS OF ASCORBIC ACID ON PHENOLIC COMPOUNDS ANDANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF PACKAGED FRESH CUT TABLE GRAPES. EJEAFChe, 10(7), 2011 [2506-2515].

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10.  Zahra Balouchi, Mahmoud Ghasemnezhad, Mohammad Saadatian, Gholam Ali Peyvast. BIOCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTIC OF FLORETS SENESCENCE IN BROCCOLI CULTIVARS DURING STORAGE AT LOW AND HIGH TEMPERATURES, Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities (EJPAU). 2014,17(2), #12

11.  M. Saadatian, F. Peshawa, K. Asiaban, A. Karzan, H. Muhammad. Determination of Biochemical Content and some Pomological Characteristics of 4 Hawthorn Species (Crataegus spp.) Grown in erbil Province, Kregion, Iraq. Advances in Environmental Biology, 8(7) May 2014, Pages: 2465-2468.

12.  Jamal-Ali Olfati, Mohammad Saadatian, Eshaq Moqbeli, Nitrogen and Potassium level optimization in nutrient solution for Aloe vera L. in a soilless culture system, South African Journal of Plant and Soil. Volume 32, Issue 4, 2015

13.  M. Saadatian, M. Aghaee,  M. Farahpour, M.Aghaee, Chemical Compositions of Flowers extract of Borage (Borago officinalis L.) in wild population from Urmia district, Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants.Vol. (20) Issue 6, 2017.

14.  S. Alaghemand, H. Ayyubi, E. Hasanpour, J.A. Olfati, M. Saadatian, Y. Hamidoghli. Organic Fertilizers on Growth and Biochemical Characteristics of Fenugreek. Under Review.


15.  Sajjad Riaie, Mohammad Saadatian, Mohammad Aghaie, Morteza Alizadeh, Ramin Hajitaghiloo. Application salicylic acid and aloevera gel as edible coating layer to preserving fresh-cut melon slices in cold storage. International Food Research Journal (IFRJ), vol (24) 6, 2017.

16.  Esmat Arabzadeh, RezaFotuhi Ghazviny, Mahboubeh Rahmani, Mohammad Saadatian. Effects of irrigation period on antioxidant system in three types of citrus genotype. Under Review.

17.  Esmat ARABZADEH, Reza FOTUHI GHAZVINY, Hedayat ZAKIZADEH, Saeed ESHGHY, Mohammad SAADATIAN The effects of seasonal changes on biochemical changes of some Citrus species, Asian Journal of Biological and Life Sciences, Vol (5) 3, 2016.

18.  Saadatian, M., Paiza, A.A., Kanar, S.F., Pershang, Y.N., Hewen, A.H., Silaw, M.E. Physical and chemical properties of pomegranate fruits accessions from Kurdistan region, Iraq, Under Review.

19.   Mohammad Saadatian, M. S. Jasour, DRYING PROCESS AFFECTS BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS IN HAWTHORN SPECIES, Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Hortorum Cultus 15(4) 3-16, 2016.



 Conference Paper

1. Effects of harvesting time on quantity and quality of lettuce. Hydroponic conference, Esfahan, Iran, 2011

2. Study of spearmint allopathic effect on germination and growth of weed plants, Medicinal plants conference, Sari, Iran, 2010.

3. Study of salvia (salvia sclarea L.) allopathic effect on germination and growth of weed plants, Medicinal plants conference, Sari, Iran, 2010.

4. Effects of NO3/NH4 ration on basil growth in NFT hydroponic system, university of Guilan conference, Guilan, Iran, 2010.




Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)