Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan

Quality Assurance

Contact Info

Faculty: Education

Department: General Sciences

Address: Soran-Erbil-Kurdistan region-Iraq

Email: mahmoud.hassan@soran.edu.iq



Academic title: Lecturer  


General Expertise: Biological Sciences

Specific Expertise: Cell Biology

Research Interests: Cell Biology, Cancer Research, Toxicology


- PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Reading, Reading, UK.

- MSc in Biological Sciences, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq

- BSc in Biological Sciences, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq



Dr Mahmoud is a Lecturer in Biological Sciences and member of teaching staff at the Faculty of Education, Soran University. He is also head of the scientific committee and member of Postgraduate Committee of the General Science Dept. He received his PhD from the University of Reading at the School of Biological Sciences. He is enrolled in several scientific and professional societies: Kurdistan Biology Syndicate, American Society for Cell Biology, European Association for Cancer Research, and Royal Microscopical Society.



-          Aziz, F., Maulood, I. and Chawsheen, M. 2012. Effects of melatonin, vitamin C and E alone or in combination on Lead-induced injury in liver and kidney organs of rats. IOSR Journal of Pharmacy 2 (3).

-          Chawsheen, M. and Aziz, F. 2012. Synergistic neurotoxic effect of di-n-butylphthalate on Methomyl treated rats. Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 24 (2).

-          Chawsheen, M. 2011. Effects of Acetamiprid and Glyphosate pesticides on testis and serum testosterone level in male mice. Journal of Duhok University, Pure and Engineering Sciences 14 (1).

-          Chawsheen, M, and Chawsheen, H. 2010. Combination effects of Dichlorvos and Abamectin pesticides on male mice, a histological and biochemical study. Zanco Journal for Pure and Applied Sciences 22 (5).


Scientific Activities (Conference):

-          Mahmoud Chawsheen and Philip Dash: mTORC2, but not mTORC1, regulates chemotherapy resistance in A549 lung cancer cells. 23rd Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research, 5–8 July 2014, Munich, Germany; 07/2014.

-          Mahmoud Chawsheen and Philip Dash: MTORC2 regulates chemotherapy resistance in lung cancer cells. Talks about TORCs, recent advances in target of rapamycin signalling, March 14-15, 2013 at Charles Darwin House, London, UK.