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A Workshop about the SWOT Analysis Method On March 28th, 2017

Just say how many departments you have and what they are, how many students they have, what are the researches how many staff, topics, areas, etc.

To change this page you will have to do the following, delete the instructions as you complete them.

1.0   Page Description

Then you will have to change the setting and description of the page.

1.1   Go to the setting icon on the top right hand side:
1.2    Then go to "Page settings":

1.3  Then Edit the description:
The description has to be "meaningful"  and "no longer than 160 characters". This will appear under your page name in Google and other search Engines and this is what Google will use to know what your website is about. So be very careful with the words you pick.

1.4  Then before you save, you have the option to allow poeple to comment on the page or be able to attach files. Once you are happy with everything then click on save. 

2.0   Edit the page

Now you can click on Edit page and change the page as any word document
Edit page

and once done click on the blue save on the top right hand side of this page.
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