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English Language Department

Soran University

Faculty of Education

School of Basic Education

English Language Department

Vision and Mission

 The English Department at Soran University's Faculty of Education exists to support students in building their knowledge of English together with obtaining a thorough grounding in the methods of language teaching. The students at the Department will be exposed to several different theories associated with education, the process of learning and general psychology. That is to say, we aim to give them a broad general overview of the language acquisition process be it in a first or an additional language. They should further be able to convey educational and academic information to students in a useful way, given that they will study the methods of language teaching thoroughly. Finally, the Department is fully committed to best practice and adhering to the regulations, systems and processes of the University. These include ethics, the duties and responsibilities of students in learning.


Mokhles Saleh Ibrahim

   Head of English  Department  





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Mokhles Saleh Ibrahim
Kovan Rzgar Mohammed Mustafa
Basan Tanj Yaba
Yadgar Ismail Said
Nihad Mohammed Qader
Ibrahim Mustafa Khudir
Rehan Rasul AHmad
Mohsin Khalid Sabr
Basic English  Grammar
Communication Skills
Introduction to English Literature
 General Psychology
Academic Debate
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